The Kelly Family

Testimonial photograph of the Kelly family

All our stories are different but what we have in common is a greater understanding of our bodies and better health.

Sean: After a few weeks of seeing Connell the pain went and by that time I’d bought into the lifelong approach to my health with chiropractic being central to it. I’ve learnt so much about my body and its ability to heal itself since coming to Wellness Chiropractic. It’s made a huge difference to my life and health.

If any of my friends or family complains of persistent aches or pains, I always tell ‘em – “Go see a chiropractor!”

Gillian: It is strange to think that it was a crisis that brought me to chiropractic when I now know that proactivity is the only way to go!

In terms of my treatment, chiropractic has helped me in so many ways and through so many life changes, especially the physical changes of motherhood and more recently mitigating against the stresses of working and managing my work/life balance – some task!

Ciarán started chiropractic at a little under two years old. He was initially unsure about what was being done to mum & dad, but gradually built confidence with the chiropractors who always took his lead. They would work with Ciarán as he stood up and played with the toys.

It was an emotional, touching moment when Ciarán first laid down for his adjustments. It showed self-confidence and a trust in chiropractic.

Ciarán always enjoys going to see Sophie and clearly enjoys the environment at Imperial. As a family, our health and attitude/approach to our lives are immeasurably better thanks to the invigorating and passionate work of Connell and Wellness Chiropractic.

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