Testimonial photograph of Sarah with Connell Dorrian

I have been part of the Imperial Chiropractic community since January 2014 and seeing a chiropractor regularly for nearly ten years. When I first met Connell and the team I’d never heard of a subluxation, my life and health was pretty out of whack and I was in a lot of pain after a long haul flight.

I came to Connell to seek immediate redress of a locked up neck and back that had me in tears with the pain. The care and interest of the team, the quality of the personalised assessment process and the effective treatment plan really impressed me. With the initial reason for seeking treatment addressed Connell and I shifted focus to working out the longer term treatment plan looking at the links of chemical, emotion and physical health. I’ve learned a lot while we’ve been working together and made a number of positive changes to start new health habits. The benefits are clear – Improved strength, better physical fitness and capacity to respond or adjust to life’s everyday stresses and strains more effectively.

I still have a way to go and the progress I make is commensurate with the effort I put in. Like many people, I tend to focus on other people’s needs and placing my own at the bottom of the priority list. I also love, love, love my job so don’t generally carve out much time to focus on other things, including my health and well-being. That needs to change and the team at Imperial have the tools and informational resources to help me.

I thought I knew the benefits of Chiropractic Care before, but I understand and appreciate them much more now.

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