Kate Czybir

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My relationship with chiropractic started quite recently. In November last year I had a bike accident, I fractured my elbow and apparently injured my neck. Unfortunately when I went to the hospital nurse who assessed me focused on my elbow and never even checked my head or neck. I started suffering from very strong headaches and my elbow wouldn´t heal at all. My partner said I should consider seeing a chiropractor. After weeks of convincing I decided to give it a go. I searched for practices around my work and found Wellness Chiropractic.

My first visit there left me astonished. The technology they are using and the way they treat their patrons was simply fantastic. I was used to 10 min GP visits ending in prescription for this or that and no one before took my full medical history in this sort of detail. During that visit I also found out that other problems I have with my health can be treated with a good healthcare plan involving adjustments, healthy diet and exercises.

When I was 14 an orthopaedist recommended a knee surgery after seeing me once…he didn´t even do any X-Rays, he just looked at me and said I will suffer from a knee pain for the rest of my life, I was explained it is an anatomical abnormality and the only way to treat it was with surgery. Similar situation happened 10 years later when I started to develop a bunion in my right foot. Through extensive research I was able to establish that no surgery was necessary (in both cases) I was using variety of exercises to maintain my joints in a good condition and I was happy with the results, but I knew it won´t get any better either…until I came to Wellness Chiropractic. I was shocked to find out that I don´t have to deal with pain at all.

After first few adjustments my body started being, what I can only describe as, unusual. I was feeling strange pain, not the one that tells you something is wrong, but one which tells you: “Hi, it´s me, your body, just wanted to let you know I´m doing some renovation works” and the healing started. Since then I was able to go back to gym, start jogging again, I sleep better and wake up before my alarm clock. My headaches are gone (I didn´t mention that before, but I was suffering from them for years, the accident just made them worst), I feel happier and I understand my body better. I have learnt how to listen to it and give it all it needs to work properly – good posture at work, frequent breaks from my desk, plenty of water, good nutritious food and spinal adjustments.

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