Wellness care

At Harrow Chiropractic, we help people to get healthy and stay healthy; we are dedicated to improving your ability to heal by promoting a wellness approach to life. In conjunction with chiropractic care, we aim to educate the local community on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and improve quality of life for everyone within our care.

To every patron who walks through our doors, we offer nutritional advice, spinal exercises, access to our full library of books and DVDs, fortnightly Wellness Workshops with further information and question and answer sessions (open for friends and family members as well) and a team of people who genuinely care about your progress and wellness.

As healing can be hindered by stress, which occurs emotionally, physically and chemically, our mantra at Harrow Chiropractic is ‘Move, Eat and Think well’. To really change your health and function, you also have to look at the food you eat, how you move and whether your thoughts are aiding or preventing your healing.

We aim to assist you in every manner in adopting this lifestyle to ensure that your life enhancing care doesn’t just stop at pain relief.

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Our diet has a huge influence on the state of our health. It is so important to eat raw fruit and vegetables daily, and drink lots of water.So many people have a form of intolerance to certain foods without them even realising it, causing anything ranging from poor digestion to emotional swings. What is often portrayed as healthy can have surprising ill effects, further impacting wellbeing. We will offer nutritional advice and tips to help you function and feel at your best

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Do you move every single joint in your body every single day? With today’s desk based jobs and convenient London transport, it is so easy to sit down all day, causing stress to our bodies: our bodies need motion to function properly. Our muscles and joints are there to enable us to move around – not moving properly can cause our spinal joints to stiffen up, impacting our nervous system and thus our health.We encourage our patrons to stand up every twenty minutes, teach everyone our Spinal Hygiene Exercises and offer information and complimentary workplace talks on proper seating and posture at work.

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The easiest part of the triangle to overlook, our emotional state needs lots of care and attention. We so often put our emotional needs to the side, and cope with the stresses of a busy modern life, but the impact this has on our health is monumental, even if we are not aware of it at the time. Our library is stocked with personal development books, which we encourage our patrons to borrow and use to their benefit. We also offer fortnightly talks on topics such as ‘Excellence is not an Act but a Habit’ and ‘Stress and the Power of Positive Thinking’.