Our Chiropractic Patrons

Our chiropractic patrons' experiences speak for themselves! We are honoured to care for
people so dedicated to improving their health and quality of life.
“You don’t treat your patients as a group on a conveyor belt, but as individuals tailoring treatment to each respectively. I appreciate the detailed information on my spine rather than a spine in general. I’ve learnt more about ‘real food’ and have adjusted my diet.” Anne L, 56
“I feel very strong and can do much better my taekwondo. Mine and my Dad’s sleep patterns have changes greatly. Instead of waking up tired like we always have, we now wake up so refreshed.” Jeffrey F, 14
“Family minded, holistic approach, flexibility around patrons’ needs, personalised care” Gillian K, 36
“It’s very helpful with chiropractic to be shown an exercise that is the right thing; it’s easy to be doing something incorrectly, but here I have reassurance that I’m doing things right.” Jenny L, 82
“You are my first point of call for all my health concerns. You are willing to go the extra mile – you always remember and inquire about what else is going on in my life that might affect my health” Biddy O, 35