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I’ve now been coming to see Connell at Imperial Chiropractic for just over a year. And I can honestly say that his passion and affection for the care and well being of others is something that can only be admired.

When people feel so passionate about what they do and believe in it so whole heartily, it becomes nothing other then infectious and rightly so as everything they do and teach is something I firmly believe should be shared with everybody.

I find it incredibly frustrating to think that our fantastically modern and functional healthcare system doesn’t advise people to reference Chiropractors as a first port of call when it comes to dealing with peoples many continued health complaints.

After all Chiropractors, or the ones I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced are people that take the time to spend with each visitor to explain what taking responsibility for ones health really means and entails. This is no mean feat to say the least.

It’s this step by step advice and guidance that if taken on board and maintained with constant spinal care can really help to educate and empower people to truly be responsible for there individual well being.

Our modern health system is already an incredibly well equipt service that provides an impeccable service in many emergency situations when you could say its truly needed.

But i think people do depend on it for the wrong reasons. Its always the case people are able to do more to help themselves and they should, it’s just a case of getting the correct information out and directing people to the right places when searching for more detailed information to help themselves, and intern help better there lives’.

Imagine how much more efficient the NHS could be if people didn’t rely on it in the way they currently do. If people took more responsibility for their own health and made regular visits to their local health and well being Chiropractors for consistent adjustments which would enable their own immune systems to be functioning at it’s optimum and intern providing the best possible health care there is out there, health care from peoples own immune system. It is the finest pieces of equipment everyone owns.

When I started attending the practice I truly had no understanding of what Chiropractic care was or meant. I was recommended it from a family member who said you really should make a visit.

At the time I was pretty poorly and was taking medication for yet another virus – bug I had picked up while away on holiday. That time I’d been under quite a lot of pressure at work and was feeling quite frustrated by my working environment.

I thought I was handling things pretty well as I exercised fairly regularly and considered myself a pretty good eater, my well being is something I’ve always had an interest in as have felt the impact of not treating my system with the respect it deserves and that can be a pretty awful place to be.

So when I was first tested, I assumed that I’d get pretty good results and that the recurring health complaints I had where just part of who I was, if I eat better and moved more, thought positively they would improve, although never to become a non existent issue. Which was a reason I’d always tried pretty hard to look after myself.

When I received quite poor results, my cocky self was pretty shocked to say the least and being quite competitive was incredibly keen to see what I could do to improve.

And so this started my journey with Chiropractic care. Weekly adjustments for the last year have acted as a constraint check on how I’m treating my immune system and makes me really consider my health within everything I do.

My test results are constantly improving, i currently train more regularly and harder then I ever have, I’ve taken on more then I ever might have imagined and the recurring complaints I once had I no long suffer with continually.

Unless of course I’m in a situation of burning the candle at both ends. And for me that seems the key, it’s about listening to your body and acting upon those signal and indicators it gives off.

I know Connell can physically find those indicators, but from a personal level I know when I’m feeling tired and need rest. Or I’m a bit low as I haven’t moved much or I’m feeling sluggish from putting poor fuel into my system. Connell and Sophie guide my system through adjustments and I need to maintain and fuel myself to keep it at it’s best.

I have such belief in well-being Chiropractors I’ve had my twin brother assessed and am currently helping him pay for his own regular adjustments, as I feel the care and attention he receives from this is something that will only improve and benefit him for the long term. And I’m currently working on persuading my parents, they’re slightly harder people to convince although my mum is beginning to come around to the idea. It will happen though.

If my circumstance were to change and I left London, no matter where I was, I’d always hunt out a well-being Chiropractor. And could only hope to find one with the quality and level of service that Imperial provides, I’m constantly impressed with the warm welcomes provided by everyone on every visit. And as a result I now see it as part of my regular health care; like exercising, eating well and thinking positively.

I very much hope that in the not to distant future I myself will be able to use my skill set to help and develop the industry, it would give me great pleasure to help spread the word.

I truly believe in Chiropractic Care and i think that people deserve the right to know how a good chiropractor is able to help develop ones well-being.

Many thanks for being there,

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