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As a child my health has been poorly always catch cold and cough and they last for weeks. My birth as I gathered from my mum was a very long traumatic and very stressful and caught a cold from 1 day old. I suffered seizures due to high temperature and I had to go to the hospital every single month for 4 years it seems that Chelsea and Westminster hospital was my second home. When I was growing up I love playing ball games and I did join junior football club but did not enjoyed much because I was not fit enough to run around the field I always tumble and fall on the ground and felt dizzy so I stopped. I also seeing a podiatrist due to my imbalance of walking since I was 3years old it helps me a little bit but not that much. I also suffered from neck pain and back ache few years back and not able to concentrate fully.

My dad found Imperial Chiropractic in the summer this year at my friend’s school summer fair they had a stand at the fair and he was curious to find out what chiropractic can do. My dad found out that chiropractic can help to heal your body naturally, and find out what’s wrong because he sometimes think that there is something wrong with his spine. He started to see the chiropractors when he come back from holiday in August this year and was very happy with his results. My dad’s digestion has improved greatly. When we come back [with my mum] from Philippines my dad was very enthusiastic that he told my mum that I should go to Wellness Chiropractic and they can help me with my stability and mobility.

I started care in September and after 6 weeks [12 adjustments] I felt so much better my stamina got better and my stability and mobility has improved a lot. I do taekwondo once a week and was not able to kick nor punch properly but now when they put back the power on my legs and my arms I feel very strong and can do much better my taekwondo. Mine and my Dad’s sleep patterns have changes greatly. Instead of waking up tired like we always have, we now wake up so refreshed. Thank you Daddy and a big thank you to Wellness Chiropractic for helping me get so much energy back that makes me join rugby again at my school because I know that I can do better now. My mum was very happy with my results as well as my dad. And now my mum convinced that chiropractic can help you improve your health and decided to try chiropractic herself [she was not listening to my dad when he was trying to convince her].

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