Hugo and Ava’s Story

Hugo & Ava Dorrian Sitting on a wooden bench

The dream of Wellness Chiropractic first began for our Daddy on the 24th July 2010.

He already helped a lot of people in his practice in Harrow and when the opportunity came up to expand to Bushey Bushey (Shepherd’s Bush) Daddy jumped at the chance!

We only know chiropractic care and have been checked regularly and adjusted since birth.

Good sleep, good food, (very little junk), fish oil and weekly adjustments allows us to be the best we can at school work, running, jumping, playing football and all fun things like that!

We know chiropractic care along with a healthy lifestyle and your body’s own healing powers (as we like to call them) you can achieve anything you want to!

Love always,

Hugo Dorrian (age 6)

Ava Dorrian (age 4)

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