Connell Dorrian

Photography of Connell Dorrian

I am interested in helping people get well and stay well. The human body is designed to heal and regulate itself. The nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is responsible for this self-healing and self-regulation. I (Chiropractors) check the spine and nervous system for any interference that might compromise this ability to self-heal and self-regulate. Correcting this interference by gently restoring spinal movement allows the body to revive its self-healing and self-regulation. Showing people how to move, eat and think well helps to prevent them from recreating this interference. This allows me to help people get well and stay well.

I love watching people change and learn how a chiropractic lifestyle can enhance the quality of patron’s lives. I love to share life-changing stories regarding chiropractic to any group, large or small. I have been having weekly spinal checks since 2001 and this together with good food, good thoughts and good movement has allowed me to be getting healthier with each passing year!

I do endeavour to practice what I preach and I don’t expect the patrons nor my family who present to me for care to follow my advice without my having already tried it. However, although anybody who knows me will say that I am a full-time chiropractor even when not in practice, on days off from work, my first passion is my family (Hayley, Hugo and Ava): cycling, scootering and just hanging out with them keeps me young.

My second passion is snowboarding and my favourite line to say before setting off down a slope in Austria is “it’s great to be alive”.

A brief history

  • 1998 – Five year Masters degree program (MSc in Chiropractic) at Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC)
  • 1999 – Diploma in Chiropractic (DC) with British Chiropractic Association
  • 2001 – Purchased Harrow Chiropractic
  • 2010 – Opened Imperial Chiropractic, Shepherd’s Bush