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My health journey started a few years ago when I gave up smoking – but I never thought it would take me on the various ups and downs it has. I thought the hardest part would be to give up smoking – but it turns out this was actually the easiest part!

I started going to Imperial Chiropractic in June 2012 as I realised I needed more help and guidance in my life than just myself and my own studies. I had started looking into my diet as I developed acne for the first time in my life when I bought a flat – and I was suddenly very aware of the different physical, mental and emotional stresses on my body which I had never noticed before because they were being masked by the smoking.

I was very impressed with the initial tests that they conducted and it was great to be able to talk through everything I had been doing on my own up until that point. Wellness Chiropractic understand the effect that emotional and mental stresses can and do have on your physical wellbeing and have a holistic approach to the care they offer. Since then I have been attending once every week or fortnightly and I have really seen a vast improvement in my health in all ways. As well as individual aches and pains being dealt with when they happen – such as RSI in my wrist from typing – or crooks in my neck – they have also supported me to improve my overall health and wellbeing.

Connell was able to diagnose me with Candida using kinesiology – something that conventional medicine is unable to do – and support me with how I could treat this very difficult and invasive condition. They have taught me that health is a lifetime commitment and not one filled with quick-fixes. They have also helped me to understand that good or bad health is not something that “happens” to me – but that I created my conditions and must take full responsibility for them – and in the same way I have full control over making myself better.

But most of all I have learnt that my body knows best! It knows what it is doing – and however difficult sometimes it might be to deal with the various symptoms – and it has been – it is intelligent and is doing the best it can with the resources I give it. And Wellness Chiropractic has been one of the best resources I could have given my body to help it on its journey to health.

When I made the decision to start my health journey, I never had any idea of the varied road of highs and lows it would take me on. It has been so amazing to have the whole team at Imperial to help me on that road – I couldn’t have – or continue to – do it without their kind words, helpful advice, encouragement and general all-round loveliness!

Thank you Imperial Chiropractic!

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