Our practices

Wellness Chiropractic is comprised of two practices, Harrow Chiropractic (Harrow on the Hill) and Imperial Chiropractic (Shepherd’s Bush).

Both practices promote a wellness lifestyle and work towards educating the local communities to improve quality of life for people of all ages and lifestyles.

Imperial Chiropractic

Imperial Chiropractic is an advanced Chiropractic practice in the heart of Shepherd’s Bush. Part of the Wellness Chiropractic family, Imperial Chiropractic promotes a wellness lifestyle and works towards the education of the local community to improve quality of life for people of all ages and lifestyles.

Photograph of an adjustment bench in one of Imperial Chiropractic's care suites

Imperial Chiropractic, our Shepherd’s Bush Practice, opened its doors to the local community in 2010. Since then we have grown from strength to strength, now caring for members of the community ranging from three weeks old to 84 years old, from athletes to city professionals.

Photograph looking into Imperial Chiropractic Vitality room

Imperial Chiropractic is one of only a few chiropractic practices in the UK to have the CLA Insight Scanner, a highly developed piece of technology used to provide a detailed and accurate Computerised Stress Analysis.

Photograph looking into Imperial Chiropractic Insight room

The Insight Scanner was developed by the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance and has been certified by The Space Foundation. NASA used an earlier version of sEMG technology on two shuttle missions to evaluate the physical attributes of astronauts.

Photograph of Imperial Chiropractic's CLA Insight Scanner

The Insight Scanner is non-invasive, gentle and suitable for people of all ages and health (including pregnant women). The Insight Scanner Computerised Stress Analysis calculates a number from 1 – 100, giving a clear indication of your body’s ability to adapt to chemical, physical or emotional stress. This state of the art technology is something we are dedicated to incorporating in to your chiropractic care. An Insight Scan is included in your Initial Interview, and then at regular intervals throughout your care. This allows us to monitor how your nervous system is responding, providing the most competent way to understand and indicate your Neuro-Spinal health.

Harrow Chiropractic

First opened in 1938 by Chiropractic Pioneer Paul Jay, Harrow Chiropractic is well established in the local community of Harrow-on-the-Hill, with its reach extending to benefit the surrounding communities of Wealdstone, Hatch End, Pinner, North Holt and Stanmore. Wellness Chiropractic founder, Connell Dorrian MSc DC, became proprietor of the practice in 2001 and it has continued to grow since.

Harrow Chiropractic Patron in Spinal Chair

Harrow Chiropractic is a vibrant and active practice with a wide range of patrons – our chiropractors enjoy adjusting all walks of life, from newborns to the elderly, with the eldest patron being 92 years of age. Due to the exceptional care provided, Harrow is honoured to have a vast list of patrons who regularly attend for life enhancing chiropractic care, many of whom choose to spread the word of chiropractic and refer loved ones, friends and family to us. We are privileged to be able to support families within the local community, not only adjusting two but sometimes even three generations.

Harrow Chiropractic Office Desk

Harrow Chiropractic promotes a wellness lifestyle and works towards the education of the local community to improve quality of life. Our practice reflects this and is continually growing with inspirational and dedicated patrons who have a genuine care for their health and wellness!

Harrow Chiropractic X-Ray Suite

We care for every person who walks through our doors with the intention of helping all our patrons and their families reach optimal health and continue to flourish.