Our History

Photograph of Connell Dorrian's desk at Imperial Chiropractic

Wellness Chiropractic is a family owned practice in Harrow serving the local communities of Harrow, Stanmore, Pinner, Northwood, Ruislip and Eastcote.

We aim to provide the best chiropractic care possible through modern technique, state-of-the art technology and impeccable service. Our team are all passionate about chiropractic and wellness and each team member receives regular chiropractic adjustments themselves.

Our history, image of a young seedling developing

A visit to us is all about really concentrating on your overall health and taking the time to make sure you are on the right path to achieving all you want regarding your wellbeing.

Harrow Chiropractic first opened in 1938 and in 2001 Connell Dorrian, founder of Wellness Chiropractic, became proprietor.

Our Harrow practice follows a wellness approach to chiropractic and believe that a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with regular chiropractic care will equate to a better quality of life.