What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractors work with our nervous system to identify, correct and prevent nerve interference.

Our nervous system is central to our everyday function: it connects our brain to all other areas of our body through nerve signals that travel down our spinal cord.

Our vertebrae protect the spinal cord so that these signals are able to send messages clearly, allowing our body to function at an optimal level. Due to continued exposure to physical, emotional, and chemical stresses, the vertebral joints in the spine may become stiff.

When this happens, joints between vertebrae become stiffened through stress, the spinal cord is affected and the nerves cannot send signals as clearly as they are supposed to – there is nerve interference (we refer to this as subluxation).

Chiropractic illustration of the human spinal cord

This can be a significant contributing factor in back pain, neck pain, tiredness and fatigue, headaches, digestive and menstrual dysfunction and poor quality sleep.

Chiropractic works on the simple principle that an optimum functioning spine & nervous system equals optimum health. Good spinal alignment leads to better health and less pain.

Chiropractors assess their patrons for nerve interference and adjust the joints that have become stiff so that they are able to move properly again.

Chiropractic is the only vitalistic form of health care focused on improving neuro-spinal function.

Our mantra at Harrow Chiropractic is ‘Move, Eat, Think Well’.

Chiropractic care is the key ingredient in the healing process, but wellness is also about understanding that you have to move well, eat well and think well to compliment chiropractic care and to live the life you’re capable of.

To assist you in achieving this, complementary to our chiropractic care, we offer a wealth of knowledge and information to assist you in adopting your lifestyle to Move, Eat and Think Well.

Wellness care is ongoing, and we believe that the best way to lead an optimally healthy life is to receive regular chiropractic adjustments (progress is assessed with regular reviews).